Your Team of Caregivers

Riverview Pointe’s reputation as one North East Ohio’s finest caregivers is built on the unconditional excellence of our staff. Your team – comprised of Medical Directors, Registered Nurses, State Tested Nursing Assistants, Mental Health Professionals and the best Physical, Occupational, Speech and Respiratory Therapists in the business, – ensure that you receive true interdisciplinary care to identify and afford every opportunity to achieve your highest level of independence.


Maureen Rizzo, LNHA, LISW-S

“We believe that a healthy mind and a healthy body are the keys to an individual’s success. Many individuals come to us for  rehabilitation. For these individuals we focus on restoring their independence so they can go home. For those here for skilled nursing care, we take a very similar approach. If possible, all individuals participate in exercise programs, stimulating activities, and social interaction. Every individual deserves to live a life of meaning and purpose. It’s our sole responsibility to see that it happens.”

Director of Nursing

Stephanie Auvil

“When hiring an RN or STNA, we look for very specific things. Beyond clinical skill, which must be extraordinary, we look at how each person interacts with the individuals in our care. Though impossible to quantify, we’ve been doing this for a long time and know how a candidate is able to deliver care that meets our notably high standards.”

Medical Director

Dr. Robert Dohar

“To achieve optimal outcomes for those in our care, we employ an interdisciplinary team approach. What does that mean? Our nursing staff and therapists meet on a regular basis to coordinate care planning based on an individual’s needs. Through our interdisciplinary approach, each team member understands every aspect of care and is able to play their part in speeding recovery and nurturing individuals to their highest level of independence.”

Director of Rehabilitation

Jared Dunn

“At Riverview Pointe, we believe that if an individual works hard and remains optimistic and believes in us, good things will happen. Our rehabilitation therapists are highly trained and truly gifted. They constantly build on their knowledge and are equipped to deliver the most advanced, cutting edge treatments. Equally important, each therapist inherently understands how to guide individuals through the recovery process. In my mind, they are inspiring, uplifting and extraordinary.”

When it comes to staffing ratios, Riverview Pointe operates based on the acuity and needs of our patients, not the number of them.